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Be your own first responder 

Trauma was developed during my Internship at the Michael Graves College. Creating a practical way for individuals to act during an emergency. 


As an Emergency Medical Technician over the last 10 years I have learned the importance of being prepared. I started to notice how many times I would get asked, "What would you do in this situation?". With this information, I wanted to explore creating a mobile app that connects individuals with 911 Dispatchers utilizing video to walk them through their specific emergency. No matter the profession, anyone should be able to protect and take care of themselves or a loved one in a time of distress.  



The goal of Trauma is to mitigate the time spent between emergency and the arrival of professional help on scene.


UX / Lead Designer

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Trauma Persona 2.png



I personally conducted 30 user interviews in a casual setting, and recorded our conversations on my phone so I could take specific notes from each conversation. 



All individuals were in a professional career, aging in range from 25 to 40 years old.


The specific notes I took down were based off the 3 mains questions below:

  • "Where do you feel the least prepared"

  • "What steps do you take when an emergency happens"

  • "How do you react/handle stressful situations"


Based off the information collected we started to notice a consistent theme, 80% of the users interviewed felt least prepared in their home or vehicle. We also noticed that many users felt the generic first aid kits you find at popular department stores felt poorly made, lacked specific equipment, and had no instructional component. 

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Emma Williams

Trauma Persona 1.png

Steve Brown


Press emergency, position smartphone in viewing distance, and Trauma will connect to local authorities, providing step by step instructions for your emergency. 

Emergency response vehicles are equipped with onboard computers capable of video and audio connection. This will connect professional authorities with users to assist them through there emergency until arrival. The first ten screens were used as the first prototype to test. Once emergency is clicked, Trauma will also record and store all information which can be used by local law enforcement. For when there is not an emergency, users can access tutorials, blogs, and equipment through their personal profiles.


The user goal was to easily access emergency and connect with professional authorities. The business goal was to increase brand awareness through mobile marketing campaigns. 



By meeting these goals we are able to build a community of trained civilians, and strengthen early first aid to help one another, anywhere at anytime. Below is Phase 1 through 2 of the UI development. 

V1 Trauma Trial Screens PNG.png
Trauma Screens Adobe Port.png

Trauma Kit

By combining knowledge with local law enforcement and rescue connections, we designed a Trauma Kit Prototype that includes the same tools professional rescue workers utilize in the field. The main reason for this was to build a quality kit focused on durability.


By conducting user interviews I was able to determine what individuals valued the most in a medical kit, and how they felt about existing ones on the market. Here are the most common concerns:


  • Quality tools.

  • Geared towards their hobby, sport, or specific lifestyle.

  • Enough room to still add a few custom items, and keep compact.

Business Plan Competition

Trauma received 2nd out of 95 teams at the Kean University Business Plan Competition in 2019. Stages 1 through 3 consisted of building and pitching a 3 year financial forecast, executive summary with a full business model, and a marketing campaign. After qualifying for the final event, I designed a visual presentation to present in front of a panel of 6 judges and a live audience of over 200 people. This opportunity gave me a deep understanding in:

  • Building a brand

  • Developing a product from concept to a viable business model

  • Working across a wide array of professional backgrounds from design to accounting

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