Early first aid is critical during an emergency. But lacks, due to it being the only part of first aid in the hands of untrained professionals. By learning about first aid, and designing customized first aid kits with a mobile application, we strive to spread awareness on creating technology that truly enhances human-life for the better. But overcoming panic, and distraction to focus on administering efficient care can overwhelm, and cause a flight response.


The main factor driving Trauma was to provide individuals a tool to act, instead of having to helplessly wait until professional help arrives. The user interface was built to function with as little physical movement as possible. It also utilizes voice recognition to listen for specific key words delivering first aid instructions based off each user emergency, and video communications with trained professionals. 


Specialized medical kits—TraumaKits. Uniquely designed by a subject matter expert in EMT rescue, in conjunction with other first responders and tactical and trauma experts, the kits utilize the same professional equipment that responding medical professionals use for best practices in trauma care. Each kit is built specific to each users needs. Trauma also aims to install large scale kits for corporate and education facilities, with volunteer instructors who travel on site to educate the use of each pack and included tools. 


When an emergency occurs, Trauma initiates an emergency call and delivers key location, condition, safety, and other necessary information to dispatch an appropriate agency. The app then visually guides the untrained individual through professional Early First Aid techniques specific to the type of trauma and keeps responding medical professionals up to date on the exact progress of Early First Aid through the use of live video communications.