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Every Sole is Exclusive

The purpose of Sole Creator is to provide sneaker artists with a reliable platform for showcasing work, connecting with clients, and carrying out all business transactions. 


Sneaker artists do not have a mobile platform to operate on. They usually end up having to use multiple applications for promotion, product launches, and handling transactions with buyers. 



The goal of Sole Creator is to provide custom sneaker artists with more time to create and spend less time handling business operations.  

Initial Research 

To better understand our target user, I attended sneaker conventions to conducts interviews in a community of custom sneaker artists where they sell and promote products. This allowed me to see first hand the most common practices used by custom sneaker artists. 


UX / Lead Designer


Sketch, Wireframe, Prototype, Test, Repeat. 

Sketching out initial screen ideas gets the basic user interface options down on paper before transforming them into wireframes. This is a great way to test out functionality and run testing before going digital. After creating wireframes I conducted user tests on the first prototype to collect feedback, and refine screens based off the information collected. 

Process 2
Sole Creator Process-01.png
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