UX Designer at Hertz

I’m Frank Mellana a UI/UX Designer at Hertz, focused on building innovative user experiences by developing research driven, human-centered design solutions with a focus on usability. Recently, I was the UX Product Designer for the Hertz Electric Vehicle Hub that went live in early November 2021. I utilize a strategic approach to deconstruct problems and build research, while delivering creative solutions through engaging digital experiences. Driven by curiosity, I’m fascinated by the why and how behind a product, processes, and the way humans interact with digital interfaces. Currently, I’m working on the Hertz design system, user-research, and mobile/web experiences.


Problem Solving, User Experience Design, Prototyping, Wireframing, User Research, Usability Testing, A/B Testing, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Web Design, Product Design, Application Development


Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, AEM, Adobe XD, After Effects, Balsamiq, Sketch, FlowMapp, InVision

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